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Dietitian Services

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Green Goodness

Personalized Nutrition Counselling

Let's work together. 

I help clients with their nutrition/lifestyle goals via the confidential Zoom Health video-conferencing platform or, if preferred, via phone appointments. 


Initial Session: $110.00 (6o minutes)

Follow-Up Sessions: $55.00 (30 minutes)

10% discount for Students & Individuals Aged 65+

Tax Exempt for Dietitian Services.

You may have Partial or Full Coverage through your Extended Health Insurance Plan.

Dietitian Cooking Demos & Classes

Fun, Interactive and Educational, Group Cooking Demos/Classes are my Secret Sauce to teaching and implementing important Nutrition Concepts into Real Life.

Anyone will enjoy and can benefit including Teens, Students away at University/College, Young Adults, Mom groups, Seniors, Corporations and Non-Profits.

Fees: Please contact me for rates.

Discounts available for Students, Seniors and Non-Profits.

I look forward to planning a Special Event tailored to your group or clients.

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Gourmet Meal

Freelance Writing/Recipe Development

With over 20 years of experience in hospitals, long-term care, home care, food service and private practice, Joanne has a wealth of experience to share with readers. Through her Masters of Science in Nutrition, Joanne has learned to critically analyze the nutrition and medical literature to bring a grounded approach to tackling trends and the latest nutrition research.

As well, Joanne has an interest in recipe development and making over favourite meals/snacks to boost their  nutritional value or modify to dietary preferences or intolerances/allergies. 

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