"Unlocking the Power of Food-One Meal at a Time" 

Registered Dietitian & Holistic Nutritionist

Joanne Nijhuis is a Registered Dietitian with over 19 years of counselling experience in a hospital setting and in private practice. 

Joanne has her Masters of Science in Nutrition from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine and is currently enrolled in Holistic Nutrition School. She is regulated as a Registered Dietitian by the Ontario College of Dietitians and is a member of Dietitians of Canada.

Joanne's core practice and focus has transitioned from treating/managing acute illness in hospitals to optimizing health and wellness through the power of food. As an experienced educator, Joanne has a talent for breaking down and simplifying evidence-based health information to share with individual clients or in a group setting.


Joanne is a passionate foodie and creative home cook with a love of sharing common sense nutrition

information through her on-line and in-person cooking demos and workshops.  

                 ***Eat Better, Think Better, Feel Better***

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