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Unlocking the Power of Food - 
One Meal at a Time


Registered Dietitian/Wellness Nutritionist 

Joanne Nijhuis MSc, RD

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Meet Joanne

Registered Dietitian & Wellness Nutritionist


I'm Joanne and I'm here to help. My website "Jo Knows Nutrition" came about as I am known for giving advice that seems to work for others.

"Jo Jo Knows" has become a 'thing' and I am delighted.

There is something special about helping individuals and groups with their nutrition and lifestyle goals. My mission is to simplify and tailor nutrition prescriptions/guidelines that are easy to follow and are sustainable in the long term.


As a Registered Dietitian, I have learned and continue to learn a great deal in school and on the job. As a busy working mother of two, I have learned even more about what works and doesn't work in the kitchen, in the home and in life. I have always loved to cook because....I love to eat fabulous food. I have become very good at modifying restaurant-style food to boost the nutritional value while staying mindful of cost and time spent in the kitchen.

I am pretty passionate about passing on what I know in the ever changing field of nutrition with others.


I look forward to working with you soon.

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What I Specialize In

On-Line Zoom Cooking Demos/Classes


Individuals, Groups,




In-Person Cooking Demos 


Groups, Corporations



Personalized Nutrition Counselling


Freelance Writing


Recipe Development


Blogs, Cookbooks, 




Plant-Based Diet    

Vegetarian Diet

Mediteranean Diet

Gut Health

Intuitive Eating

Diagnosis-Specific Diets

Busy Lifestyles

Cooking on a Budget

Pantry Makeover

Boosting Energy Levels

Cooking for One or Two

Aging Well

Eat Better, Think Better, Feel Better

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